Monday, September 26, 2011

Featured Wedding - Joe & Marianee

KI Center - Green Bay, WI
Featured Wedding
 Joe & Marianne

On August 12th , 2012 we had the privilege of meeting a fun couple that currently live in the Tennessee area. Joe & Marianne came back up to Wisconsin to have their wedding ceremony and reception.  They contacted us to bring in some professional lighting for the reception held at the KI Center in Green Bay, WI.  They knew they wanted some type of uplighting but have never hired a professional lighting company before.  We easily explained all our capabilities and how we include a full time lighting designer for every event we do. This took all the worries out for them, as most clients think you have to rent them and set them up yourself.

We met Joe & Marianne a day after they flew in from Tennessee.  We provided a simple lighting demo at the at their venue of our lighting products.  This was a good way for our clients to see what some of our capabilities are and then at the same time, come up with unique ideas on lighting up the space they have.

Joe and Marianne ended up with a nice lighting package that WOW'd the guests as they walked in.
When the first guest arrived we had all the lighting set up with a glowing red color.
Joe and Marianne had chosen uplighting and under table lighting to be red in color  We then had our lighted cocktail tables near the bar window in a bluish/purple color.  Then, as the dinner moved on we simply changed the color schemes into green, blues, and other colors. See our photos below. Enjoy!

Dream Lighting Team

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What are your colors?

What does your favorite color say about you?  How does it make you feel?

 Do you want to create a cozy, warm environment or convey a wild, fun entertaining feel for your event?  No matter what color you decide, how will it make you feel?  “What does your favorite color say about you?” 
Your wedding colors will greatly impact the style and ambiance of your special day.  Some colors create a fun, vibrant environment while others create a romantic feel.  Choosing a color palette that reflects your personality will help create the style you want at your wedding.

Here are some basic color guidelines you can use for planning your event that we compiled through studies and research.
Red - The color of the heart.  Typically, red is a romantic choice when creating a wedding.  This color will add a dramatic feel when being used in a wedding.

Yellow - Shows heat or energy.  Yellow is mostly used for an attention getter.  It sparks curiosity and gives people warmth.  It may be the color of hope, or optimism; such as spring comes after a long winter and it brings new life.

Brown - The brown colors show honesty and comfort.  It’s used a lot as earth tones.  Perhaps it may remind us of being outdoors.

Pink - Using pink colors will create an affectionate and romantic feel.  A romantic feel can be achieved using reds & pinks together.  If you blend in deeper reds it creates an upscale or elegant party.  

Orange - A color that represent fall or mid summer.  Brides choosing orange may enjoy excitement in their life.  If you’re a spontaneous person you might choose this color.

Blue - Peaceful, purity and clean are a few words to describe this color.  It speaks professional and is very pleasing to the eye.  Using a midnight blue will create a sense of sophistication.  Are you a compassionate person?  Then blue might be a good color choice for your wedding.

White - This color is commonly used in weddings or galas.  A fresh color that speaks clean.  White can stand for clarity, purity, and simple.  A great color to blend with other colors to offset something.

Black - Bold and elegant are two words to describe this color.  Extremely powerful color.  More of an upscale color when combined with another color.  It’s never a trendy color.  It will create ambiance by adding another color in your scheme.  

Purple - A bride who chooses purple might be charming and witty.  Purple often adds a sense of luxury to any color palette.  This color was the hottest color in 2010.  Purple is a fun color but does not go well with other color combinations. 

I also wanted to research what the hottest colors are for 2011.   
I found Michelle Mospens who has been posted in wedding magazines.  
She researches a year ahead to find the new color trends.  She has listed colors like oyster grey, dark chocolate, antique white, and many others to be used.  Check out her color samples for 2011 and now 2012. You can view her blog at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New ideas for your wedding

Do you want your wedding or party to be unique?  You can turn it up a notch on your special day by having  lounge furniture or turn it into a night “club style” atmosphere with adding lighted pillars with additional “club style” lighting.  Use lounge furniture for your reception and use the area for both the cocktail hour and later in the evening for your guests to relax as they dance the night away.  Rental companies can provide some pretty unique pieces of furniture for weddings such as: couches, end tables, ottomans, benches, daybeds, coffee tables, throw pillows, cushions and more.  Bring the indoors out with an outdoor lounge area.   It’s not typical to see pieces of indoor furniture outdoors and will make for a more memorable event.  Have some outdoor heaters to make your guests comfortable.  Add candles, torches or uplighting to get the mood lighting ambiance.  Have your lounge area tented or inside the reception hall where space permits.  Even adding a cigar station would be the perfect complement.  It’s a great area for your guests to make conversation.
Light up my lounge with your wedding colors
Last but not least, add lighting!  It may be as simple as adding pillar candles on “coffee tables.”  Or you may want to rent elaborate L.E.D. lighting.  For those going for the classy look, some rental companies are offering L.E.D. “glow cubes” or cocktail tables.  For a beach theme these lighted products make a great way to light up an outdoor beach.  Colors are endless now with new technology in L.E.D lighting.
Check out your local rental companies to see examples of lounge furniture you can rent for your wedding.  


Looking to give your big day photos a special finishing touch?  How about having them printed on canvas, just like a priceless piece of art?

Love & Canvas is a brand new service created by members of an experienced photo-to-canvas printing company.  Its focus is exclusively on helping newlywed couples print their wedding or engagement photos on canvas. Love & Canvas’s high-quality printers can print sizes up to 63″ x 42″, and they offer both rolled and gallery-wrapped mounting options.
Putting your photos on canvas is easy: just upload, select your specifications, and order.  You can select your choice of mounting options, including rolled canvas (the most economical: just your canvas rolled up to be mounted on your own) and gallery-wrapped, which includes mounting hardware and a specialized coated finish.

Mounting options include rolled (left) and gallery-wrapped (right) with coated finish
Looks like a fantastic idea for showcasing your most cherished memories. Check it out!
Photo Credits: Screenshots from Love & Canvas

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New for 2011

New for 2011: Lighted “Glow” Cubes

This past year for weddings one of the biggest add-ons in reception ideas was adding additional lighting for your reception. Adding elegant or extraordinary event lighting is continuing to still be a big trend for 2011 weddings. Uplighting, Ambient Lighting, Décor Lighting,
or Event Lighting are the terms that have been used to add the “WOW” to your room.

Dream Lighting Company is adding to its rental line of services with our new lighting décor line of products. DLC now offers lighted “GLOW” cubes. Our glow cubes are ideal for weddings, corporate events, schools or any type of social gatherings.

You can place these cubes in the four corners of the dance floor for a great lighted effect.
Other ideas could include stacking them together to use as a backdrop. These lighted glow cubes also make a good addition to your lounge furniture if you plan on having this at your reception such as making them into coffee tables.

The glow cubes will be supplied with our existing line of wireless L.E.D. lighting fixtures that we currently use for our uplighting. We can change the color schemes throughout the night that will match your uplighting colors that are placed in the outer perimeter of your venue.
You can rent these lighted cubes through Dream Lighting Company.
 “You’re Lighting Décor Company”

To find out more about our lighted décor rental line email us today.